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Guide to Carrizo Plains Wildflowers

It’s a unique year for California. There was so much rain this year and it’s very unusual. All this moisture has once again made it posible for a super bloom at Carrizo  Plain National Monument.  All you wildflowers chasers get ready because the super-bloom is in its peak season. Here are a few thing to remember when heading to Carrizo Plains.

Access Into Carrizo Plain National Monument 

There are two main access into Carrizo Plains. From the north the access is via Soda Lake Rd off of State Route 58. From the south side, is via Soda Lake Road of of State Route 33/166.

We went through the south side from Route 166 and drove all the way through Soda Lake Rd.  and came out Route 58. I recommend this to get the full view and experience of the park.


The main road which is Soda Lake Road, is mostly unpaved and the paved parts have big pot holes. You must drive carefully. There is also lots of rocks on the roads. If you plan on staying on the main road it should be fine, but if you plan on taking the smaller roads, they are all dirt. It would be good to have four wheel drive vehicle. Remember that there is limited phone service out there. Also there are parts that a towing company won’t go to and if you find someone willing to tow your vehicles, it won’t come cheap.


Once you are inside the Carrizo Plain Monument, there is no place to get food and water. Remember to pack your lunch, snacks and plenty of drinking water. If you have pets please pack their food and water also.


The temperature in late March through the beginning of May is in the 70’s to high 80’s. You will not find much shade in the plains. Make sure to pack some sunscreen for adults and kids. Bring your hats and sunglasses to protect you from the sun. If possible wear long sleeves and pants for further protection from sun exposure. If you are sensitive to the sun, I would suggest to bring an umbrella.

Wild Animals

Remember you are out in the wild. respect the space of animals and always be aware of your surroundings. Raddle snakes are very common during spring as the air warms up. Always watch where you step and be cautious of snakes. Stay on the trails and don’t walk into tall vegetation or grass. Wear aprópiate shoes and long pants to further protect you from a snake bite.

Coyotes are also known to roam the plains. Never feed any Wild animal. Also never try to approach a coyote or any other wild animal in the the area.


There is plenty of trails to enjoy a walk or hike. Please stay in the trails while walking through the plains. Do not step on any of the wild flowers and stepping on them can damage up to 20 flowers and destroy those that are in seeding stage.

Do not rely on GPS to guide you. This is a remote area. I would recommend you use other mapping systems to guide you. There are maps available on the visitor site. You can also pick one up at the visitor center at the park.

Pets are required to be on a leash and controlled at all times.

Enjoy your Trip

Lastly enjoy your trip. You can go for a day trip or camp on the plains. Make sure you plan ahead and have fun!

More Information

For more information visit the Carrizo Plain National Monument site.

If you have any question you can always leave me a comment.

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