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Guide To Sequoia National Park

  Sequoia National Park located in central California has so much to see and explore. It is home of the tallest trees in the world, the redwoods (sequoia  sempervirens ). These trees can easily reach to be 300 ft (91 meter). They are also some of the oldest trees, some being over 2,000 years old. If

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A day in Cambria, California with only $30

Visit Cambria, California for a day with less than 30 dollars. Cambria is a small beach town along the famous Highway 1. It is filled with charm and old town feelings.  It is nestled among pines trees and scenic beach views.  Located between Los Angeles and San Francisco  it is a popular destination for travelers 

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Guide to Carrizo Plains Wildflowers

It’s a unique year for California. There was so much rain this year and it’s very unusual. All this moisture has once again made it posible for a super bloom at Carrizo  Plain National Monument.  All you wildflowers chasers get ready because the super-bloom is in its peak season. Here are a few thing to

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